Contract Assembly

Do you have a great design for your customers? Do you not have the workforce to take on the assembly of the components? Well hey… we’re A-Z Packaging. With our Contract Assembly service, we can handle all the workload for the final assembly process.

We offer a wide range of excellence & expertise with this service. Anything from box assembly, all the way to full component manufacturing, no demands are too high for our wonderful team. Let us show you what we can do!


Don’t have the time, experience, or resources to package and ship products out to your customers? Psh! Not a problem for your dedicated team of solution providers.

With our “Packaging Know-How” team of hustling floormates’ and our logistics capabilities, we can help take on the critical aspect of fulfillment for your business. I mean, you got this business to where it is for a reason, by focusing on what you do best, product creation.