Contract Assembly

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Do you have a great product design for your customers? Do you not have the workforce to take on the component assembly? Well, hey there. We’re A-Z Packaging. With our Contract Packaging Assembly service, we can handle all the workload for the final assembly process.

We offer a wide range of excellence and expertise with this service. From box assembly all the way to full component manufacturing, no demands are too high for our wonderful team. Let us show you what we can do!

The Basics of Contract Assembly and Contract Packaging Solutions

Contract assembly outsources the assembly step in your supply chain to another company. Most assembly contractors specialize in particular industries and types of manufacturing processes. For example, at A-Z Packaging, we offer full component assembly for automotive, food and beverage, consumer, and manufactured goods. Contract assembly can cover piecing together a set of individual components as well as a variety of material assembled into one pack.

It can also include adding the finishing touches to a less intricate product. As you may have guessed from our name, the assembly also includes packaging the final product.

When you work with a third-party contractor, you get the expertise of a team that lives and breathes assembly. Your assembly contractor has worked with products in your market and across numerous industries. The in-depth knowledge and experience they’ve cultivated let them bring the best advice to your job. They can inform the material selection and assembly processes.

Depending on their specialties and available tools, assembly contractors can handle:

  • Hand assembly.
  • Build-to-order assembly.
  • Shrink-wrapping.
  • Pallet box assembly.
  • Product labeling.
  • Die-cutting.
  • Warehouse, shipping, or end-user packaging.

Our Contract Assembly Services

A-Z Packaging is your go-to for all things packaging and can handle a wide range of assembly needs, up to and including full component assembly. We’ll design and construct custom packaging and a corresponding assembly process, along with conducting prototyping and creating fulfillment solutions. Here’s a look at what we do:

  • Product labeling: Whether you need shipping labels, color coding, or warning labels, we have you covered. Make sure your shipping and transportation companies know how to handle your products in transit.
  • Product packaging: We design custom packaging solutions that protect your products and look fantastic. We’ll package the product itself and design shipping and warehousing packaging to secure and cushion the item. We work with corrugated cardboard, plastic, bags, and dunnage.
  • Final assembly: For goods that arrive in pieces or are partially assembled, we can put them together and prepare them for your end-user.
  • Distribution and fulfillment: Once your product is fully assembled and packaged, we can handle distribution and fulfillment. We’ll warehouse it and manage your inventory, blind-ship directly to your customers or do anything in between.
  • Full component manufacturing: Does your product have many components, each coming from different manufacturers? Send them our way. We can turn individual parts or partial assemblies into ready-to-sell goods.
  • Custom specifications and needs: Got an out-of-the-box packaging request? Bring it to us. We’ll turn your unique specs and requirements into a final package design you’ll love.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Contract Assembly

Not sure if contract assembly fulfillment is right for you? Chances are, it is. Contract assembly has many advantages and applications. You might hire a contract packaging assembler if you have unusual packaging requirements or can’t invest in the equipment yourselfMaybe you need to rework or repackage a product line. Or, perhaps you need a partner to turn a bulk shipment into individual packages ready for sale. Whatever the reason, outsourcing contract assembly offers benefits like:

  • Low overhead: When you’re a small business with a great product design, investing in assembly space and equipment is a barrier to entry. Contract assemblers already have the tools and facilities to handle your project. Skip those bulky overhead investments and start assembling your products now.
  • Less labor management: Your third-party assembler will train and manage your assembly crew. You get a team of dedicated assemblers who understand your requirements without high labor and recruiting costs. And, at A-Z Packaging, our team focuses on you. We encourage a creative, enjoyable work environment because we know it gets results.
  • Improved quality control: Some contract assembly companies boast ISO 9001:2015 certification, including us! This Quality Management System certification ensures you get consistent results with fewer faulty assemblies
  • Simplified supply chain: Using a contract assembler streamlines your supply chain. Your assembly partner will receive individual components from your various manufacturers. Next, they’ll put it all together, package it and see it off to where it needs to go — whether through drop-shipping or sending it straight to you. They can even handle warehousing and inventory management. An assembly contractor lets you keep assembly, packaging, storage, and fulfillment under one roof.
  • Limitless flexibility: Contract assemblers work to meet your specifications — and wildest dreams. Whether you need packaging assembly for finished goods or a full component assembly, your contractor can help. At A-Z Packaging, we set no boundaries on what we deliver to our clients. Hit us with your most out-of-the-ordinary requests.
  • Abundant expertise: Contract assembly companies are fantastic at what they do. After all, they work with many customers and need to provide a better service than what clients could do on their own. After working in assembly and packaging for over 35 years — as we have — you learn a thing or two about how to do it right.

Why Partner With A-Z Packaging for Contract Assembly?

Don’t have the time, experience, or resources to package and ship products out to your customers? Psh! Not a problem for your dedicated team of solution providers.

With our packaging know-how, a team of hustling floormates, and our ship-shape logistics capabilities, we can take on the critical job of contract packaging fulfillment for your business. You got your business to where it is by focusing on what you do best — product creation. Let us do what we do best and take your business to the next level.

When you partner with us for contract packaging, assembly, and fulfillment, you get:

  • Multi-material solutions: Our experience with cardboard, chipboard, plastic bags, liners, and other packaging materials help us assemble interior and exterior packaging alike. We’ll create a packaging system to safeguard your products and make them end-user-ready.
  • Just-in-time delivery: When you warehouse with us, you get that coveted next-day delivery guarantee your customers love. Whether you’re keeping your inventory lean or want the fastest direct-to-customer shipping, you can count on us.
  • Quality assurance: At A-Z Packaging, we met rigorous standards to earn our ISO 9001:2015 certification. That means you have world-class quality control behind your assemblies. We’ve infused continuous improvement, accountability, and commitment to quality into our DNA.
  • Community commitment: On top of offering low price point solutions you’ll love, we give back to your favorite charity. You’ll shave down the cost of your current packaging system and know some of your investment is going to a mission you believe in. We also source environmentally friendly materials and use eco-conscious business practices.

Contact Us for Contract Packaging Assembly Solutions

A-Z Packaging is your one-stop shop for contract assembly services in Michigan, down through Indiana, and over to Ohio. By offering our expertise in various package materials, manufacturing, assembly, package design, distribution, and logistics, we can be a true “one and done” partner for your contract packaging services, assembly, and fulfillment. To learn more about our services, reach out to us and connect with one of our packaging reps.

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