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Multimaterial Packaging Distributors

Single-item packaging is hardly efficient when attempting to streamline large-scale distribution, so you’ll often see multiple units contained in one box. If you deal in the transport of sensitive materials, like glass containers or fragile electronics, you’d likely prefer to avoid risking the loss of inventory while in transit.

As a custom box manufacturer, we can combine several materials to insulate your products better. Substrates that see frequent application include bubble wrap, paper, foam and corrugated. We also craft boxes and other containers to feature a Nomar coating, which eliminates the common abrasion between your packaged item and the inside of the shipping crate.

Customer-Focused Packaging Distributors

What good is a package when empty? We’ve built our premium reputation thanks in huge part to our trusted customers and clients, who drive our business, and that’s why your satisfaction remains at the heart of everything we do. We continually strive to rise above vanilla, generic packaging, as we’ll maintain a constant line of communication with you throughout the process to document your goals, product details, industry requirements, needs and limitations.

With our custom packaging designs, you’ll never feel like you could have done better elsewhere. We’ll fine-tune every aspect to ensure a perfect fit while giving you the best value for your money.

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In-House Assembly

You’re already making the conscious decision to outsource your package creation, which is a difficult choice on its own, so why not partner with a company that knows how to handle your requests efficiently? At A-Z Packaging, our team understands the critical need to protect parts during the warehousing and transit stages. That’s why we offer in-house custom kitting, with the ability to combine multiple materials, to ensure your final product arrives safely at its final destination. With the ability to provide in-house custom kitting, we are also able to provide better quality and efficiency in the product we produce.

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Package Design & Engineering

We create solutions that make an impact through our design and engineering team while working closely with our customers to ensure all of the requirements are met. With access to multiple materials, our team is devoted to crafting packaging solutions that perform exceptionally for your specific product and industry demands. With advanced models and projections, we can improve timeliness by forgoing repeated product sampling. Of course, we will be more than happy to provide prototypes until we meet your vision. Our team provides ultimate satisfaction with the ability to design, produce, and deliver exemplary solutions that represent your company’s brand.

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Don’t let packaging fill up unnecessary floor space when you have us as a supplier. At A-Z Packaging, we work with our customers to develop a strategic warehousing and release program, allowing our customers to decrease the floor space needed for packaging while increasing the space for profit-generating additions.

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Next-Day Delivery

What? Is that a typo? Nope. It’s real. A-Z Packaging offers warehousing and release programs for all customers, securing the ability to make the impossible, possible. We understand, in busy times, things get forgotten. A simple mistake such as forgetting required material could result in a line shut down, causing tremendous expenses. That’s why, with our warehousing capabilities, we ensure security for your packaging needs in Michigan or at one of our nationwide warehouses!

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Providing Solutions Across The Country

With over 100+ partnered locations combined, A-Z Packaging has the capabilities to service customers across the nation, building strategic partnerships with customers by handling the needs of their multiple locations.

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