Automotive Packaging Solutions

Given the vast variety of automotive parts that flood the market, various packaging and container designs are necessary to transport them from point A to point B safely.

How you store and ship your equipment also plays a significant role in a variety of other aspects, and they can be challenging to address all at once. If you want a top-quality automotive packaging supplier that rises to the challenge, A-Z Packaging possesses the capabilities and expertise to provide well-rounded, satisfactory results.

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Why Choose to Use Auto Parts Boxes and Containers?

Many vehicles parts are finely tuned and designed to operate in a specific fashion, which means keeping them protected is vital to avoid disputes about received quality.

They also make a considerable impact on logistics, as quality packaging can reduce shipping costs, lower overall weight and improve your business’s carbon footprint. Some products also require packaging regulations to meet certain thresholds, and we remain focused on those laws to keep everything within acceptable parameters.

As a whole, we take the creation of auto parts packaging seriously, as it’s one of our biggest industries. We place the customer first, and you deserve quality results.

We can create packaging for many different auto parts and services, including OEM and CKD. We can package the following:

  • Auto body parts
  • Engine components
  • Smaller accessories, such as windshield wipers, etc.

How Can You Select Automotive Parts Packaging?

Select Automotive Parts Packaging

Once you understand the necessity of appropriate auto parts boxes and packaging, how can you go about finding the best fit for your circumstances? You’ll need to examine the influences of your industry closely, and you’ll need to account for the unique characteristics of your various products.

General categories for this kind of packaging include:

  • General purpose packaging: Some items don’t require as much comprehensive protection as others, which makes it easier to accommodate their boxes and containers. Small parts, like oil filters or spark plugs, can sit in lightweight packaging, while corrugated cardboard can handle heavier components.
  • Protecting the delicate stuff: We often take the protection of electronics for granted nowadays, given how tough smartphones and laptops can be. However, their base components, like circuit boards and computer chips, are highly sensitive. They need protection from corrosion as well as vibration, which is why we design automotive electronics packaging that utilizes air-filled cushions, foam wrap, corrugated partitions and other techniques.
  • Shielding body parts from scratches and other damage: Painted and unpainted bumpers, doors and hoods need protection. Scratches can ruin the entire ambiance of a paint job, as can dents, while rust and other corrosive imperfections can sabotage paint adherence and structural integrity. Tight plastic films can significantly reduce those risks.

A-Z Packaging Will Produce Various Automotive Parts Packaging

If you need the best auto parts boxes, trust the packaging company that has established its base in the Motor City itself. We’ve been Detroit-based for more than 40 years, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more established automotive packaging supplier in the Midwest. That said, we also accommodate nationwide shipping utilizing our 100+ locations.

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