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custom food packaging

When it comes to food and beverage packaging solutions, thinking outside of the box doesn’t just create more dynamic product containers — it fuels your competitive advantage.

Custom food packaging can catch the eye and tickle the taste buds. It can maintain freshness, regulate food and beverage temperatures and preserve key ingredients and flavors. It can help brands remain compliant — and consumers trusting what’s inside the packaging before it’s inside their shopping carts.

A-Z Packaging has been one of the most reliable names in custom food and beverage containers and packaging designs for over three decades. As a full-service custom packaging company, we design, fabricate, warehouse, and deliver custom printed packaging for a vast range of clients in the food and beverage industry. Let us create premium, custom food and beverage containers for you.

A-Z Packaging for All Your Custom Food Packaging Solutions in America and Michigan

A-Z Packaging provides customizable, multi-material food containers, bags, and shipping products to preserve packaged food across its life cycle, so products look and taste as they’re meant to.

Through our nationwide network of packaging warehouses and design centers, A-Z Packaging offers:

1. Food Packaging Customization

Bring custom-printed food packaging and bags to your complete product line. From the text printed on your cardboard containers and the graphics on your snack bags to compliant substrate treatments on your boxes and internal dunnage protecting even the most fragile foods, A-Z Packaging can help your food and beverage brand package with a purpose.

These details distinguish your goods from competitors in the sea of labels making up most grocery stores. The food and beverage industry has never been more competitive. If you have a particular packaging pain point — or are simply looking for more customizations to spice up your approach to packaging — let us know.

2. “Class A” Customer Service

A-Z Packaging promises “Class A” customer service to match its “Class A goods” fabricated products.

We start by taking a thorough, needs-based approach to individual clients’ food and beverage lines. We find ways to better position our clients’ food boxes and bags above competitors, prioritizing quality with fabrication efficiency. We then create container prototypes, tweak and tailor designs, and source premium materials for all product packages. We don’t stop until we’ve met your brand’s exact packaging specs and requirements.

3. Multi-Material Packaging Flexibility

A-Z Packaging sources a range of premium substrates to use across our food and beverage packaging. From industry-compliant polyethylene bags, liners and wraps to a portfolio of cardboard and chipboard sheets, we have the materials on-hand to manufacture multi-material printed food box lines. Clients can hand-select the substrates for the interiors and exteriors of containers, plus relevant branding details to make those packages pop.

4. Just-in-Time Delivery

A-Z Packaging offers a next-day delivery guarantee on all warehoused products. Few other custom food packaging companies provide this, lacking the warehouse network to stock, source, and deliver just-in-time packaging materials to your locations when needed.

What’s more, our customer service support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all 365 days a year. Our belief in people precedes all other processes and systems, meaning we prioritize real people above everything else. When our customers get the services and products they need, right when they need it, they win — and so do we.

5. Cost-Competitive

A-Z Packaging’s pricing policy gives new clients 4 percent off their current packaging costs. We also offer an additional 1 percent donation to a charity of our client’s choice.

This interwoven pricing and philanthropy practice keeps our priorities aligned on what truly matters — people. When a business prioritizes real people — its clients, its clients’ customers, its community, and the public as a whole — then it has achieved its true purpose.

6. One-Stop Food and Beverage Packaging Partner

From designing food and beverage packaging and creating prototypes to warehousing kits and delivering to your onsite locations, A-Z Packaging is a true, full-service custom packaging partner. Our commitment to end-to-end services means a “one-stop” shop for our clients, simplifying operations and vendor management. Plus, with scheduled “just-in-time” deliveries for warehoused components, clients are guaranteed to get the boxing materials they need right as they need it — no extra coordinating and inventory-management hassles required.

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Types of Food Packaging Solutions for Michigan and American Businesses

As an end-to-end custom food packaging partner, A-Z Packaging can design, fabricate and deliver the following custom food packaging containers for your brand.

1. Die-Cut Food Boxes

custom die cut boxes

Die-cut boxes are the foundation of food and beverage packaging. Traditionally made from cardboard, this boxing category contains individually designed, sized, and tooled kits ideal for fitting small to medium-sized products.

Goods remain in place due to the die-cuts protective, product-specific design. A-Z Packaging uses food product specs and additional packaging dunnage to keep products in place during transport, maintaining a proper upright position to mitigating food damage.

Die-cut boxes are available in several types, so you’re sure to find one fitting your exact retail packaging needs:

  • Corrugated die-cut kits: Corrugated cardboard contains a tiered flute core sandwiched between two cardboard layers. This design creates a durable yet breathable material for custom food packaging. Corrugated cardboard can come in a single layer, double layer or triple layered sheets for added strength capacity.
  • Gable boxes: Gable boxes have the rectangular base of traditional corrugated cardboard boxes with a convenient hand-carry handle fashioned on top.
  • Top tuck: Custom top-tuck food packages made from chipboard or paperboard materials are ideal for in-store food boxes or smaller food parcels, with fold-and-tuck designs for easy handling.

2. Corrugated Retail Food Packaging Supplies

Corrugated cardboard remains one of the most popular, compliant, and cost-effective food packaging container materials. Available for both retail and shelf-ready packages, food, and beverage companies rely on the strength of corrugated boxes to carry everything from cereal boxes and canned goods to fresh produce, with a wide range of custom prints and design features complementing the goods.

  • Corrugated boxes: Large-framed boxes and custom corrugated cardboard kits are a dynamic yet reliable food packaging solution in the food and beverage industry. Brand cardboard sheet exteriors with custom designs, company logos, graphics and color schemes to make your food container designs go even further.
  • Specialty pads: From water-resistant sheet coatings to aesthetic laminate finishes, A-Z Packaging offers specialty box pads with industry-compliant treatments ensuring food container interiors meet regulations.
  • Cardboard dunnage: Interior dunnage cushions food items inside the cardboard or plastic food packaging container. A-Z Packaging creates interior dunnage using durable cardboard and other materials for die-cut box components, box partitions, and even custom-crafted specialty dunnage.
  • Sealing tapes and wraps: From hand and machine wrap to carton-sealing, industry-grade tapes, A-Z Packaging can additionally provide the final retail food packaging supplies to secure and protect food items during transit.

3. Specialty Box Treatments

specialty boxes

In addition to specialty treatments for box pads, we can apply those same protective and aesthetic finishes to an entire food package’s design, elevating your container’s professional branding while remaining in compliance with industry food safety and sanitation standards.

What are the appropriate box treatments for containers carrying food? A-Z Packaging can help identify and treat packaging materials that come into contact with food and beverages, using techniques and materials like:

  • Solid bleached sulfate (SBS) paperboard
  • Coated and uncoated certified recycled paperboard
  • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE) plastic food packaging
  • High-density and low-density polyethylene (HDP or LDP) plastic food packaging

4. Interior Dunnage

Interior container dunnage can be fabricated from corrugated cardboard, as mentioned above. Yet custom printed food packages can contain a wide array of protective, cushioning components to keep food in peak quality.

  • Honeycomb paper: A-Z Packaging’s honeycomb is an environmentally minded, paper-based padding solution created exclusively to wrap and protect fragile boxed cargo.
  • Partitions and dividers: Boxes can be divided using individual partitions. Each food product sits in its own divided “cubby,” keeping food products stored upright and maintaining safe distances between items.
  • Specialty dunnage: Custom food industry dunnage materials and configurations can be made-to-order for your exact product, then stored in our nationwide network of warehouses for scheduled next-day deliveries to your locations.

5. Plastic Food Packaging

Plastic food packaging comes in several forms. Both a plastic container’s composition, as well as its shape and configuration, can vary according to food product needs. In particular, A-Z Packaging works with food industry clients to identify two plastic container needs — plastic packaging formula and plastic packaging type.

Food-industry compliant plastic formulas include:

  • PET or PETE
  • HDP
  • LDP
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Combination plastics

Food-industry compliant packaging styles include:

6. Food Labels

A-Z Packaging additionally provides food product material labels. This product line completes the end-to-end food packing system and offers clients the place to “stamp” their brand’s signature on boxes, plastic packages, interior containers, wraps, and more. Plus, labels come in a wide variety of applications, from color-coding bulk shipments to “do not stack” warning labels. Custom food packaging kits are complete with the inclusion of these brand-tailored yet functional food labels.

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Custom Michigan Beverage Packaging

custom beverage packaging

The retail beverage market carries its own distinct consumer trends, needs, and concerns. From changes in consumer tastes and desired beverage ingredients to shifts in packaging automation technology, beverage makers look for solutions that satisfy their target audiences while maintaining profitability. How they choose to package and transport their goods plays a vital role in balancing this equation — and achieving ideal brand perception.

A-Z Packaging works with beverage producers to make and manufacture packaging that speaks to their brand’s core identity. We blend market trends, customer demographics, and operational efficiencies to create an ideal, customized packaging workflow for beverage goods. And since we handle manufacturing and distribution operations in-house, beverage producers have a one-stop, single-source partner for their product’s packaging needs, plus a design partner to put their branded signature on all boxes.

Simplify all these essential variables of beverage production with a single custom food packaging company that provides:

  • Distinct beverage box and dunnage configurations across primary and secondary packaging needs
  • Ability to add custom details and designs to packaging
  • Just-in-time delivery for warehoused packaging supplies
  • Option for shelf-ready retail packaging
  • 24/7/365 customer service
  • A people-first-always guarantee

Types of Beverage Packaging Solutions in Michigan

With A-Z Packaging as your chosen beverage packaging provider, you get the individualized attention and product familiarity of a local partner with the reach and cost-efficiencies of a nationwide warehouse network.

In other words, we offer the best of both worlds. Select from core beverage packaging design, fabrication, and delivery services for your brand’s success.

1. Shrink-Wrap Packaging

Shrink-wrapping beverages is a security best practice. Wrapped beverages remain upright and in place, even amidst long-distance or bulk shipments with single or mixed cargo.

A-Z Packaging offers a range of shrink-wrap packaging products, including varying wrap thicknesses for product-specific holds. Shrinkwrap can also be treated for additional properties, including anti-static and added sanitary capacities. We can customize final pack-outs, placing your exact number of shrink-wrapped units into final shipping cartons, crates, or boxes, delivered right to you.

Select from hand and machine-grade stretch wraps to secure individual products or create wholesale bulks, in addition to specialty tapes and beverage packaging sealing tapes to secure entire crates or box loads.

2. Corrugated Partitions

Corrugated cardboard makes an ideal material for linear beverage packaging partitions.

Bottles remain upright and supported, reducing the risk of dents, leaks, or spills if jostled during transportation. For premium bottling materials like glass, partitions are essential. Corrugated cardboard’s tiered flute layers provide shock absorption and soft padding for individual or stretch-wrapped beverage shipments.

A-Z Packaging can also assist in more detailed, customized variations of corrugated partitions through our multi-material beverage kits or our specially designed interior dunnage.

3. Corrugated Trays

Corrugated trays properly hold and cover food and beverage boxes alike. Available in both slotted and rollover variations, liquid containers, and consumer beverages fit neatly into tray kits. For additional product protection, corrugated trays can be configured to include room for paper-based honeycomb padding, specialty layering pads, plastic beverage tray slots, and other protective supplies.

Plus, corrugated trays have distinct stacking and grabbing mobility, making them easier for material handling personnel.

4. Corrugated Beverage Box Kits

Custom-made box kits allow your beverage or liquid product to receive the exact packaging system — made from the exact materials — it needs for peak condition.

We work extensively with clients to configure a complete, brand-enhancing, consumer appealing packaging sets, which includes the following components:

  • Core container type
  • Interior containers, such as poly bags, pouches or tubing
  • Interior dunnage
  • Corrugated or plastic trays
  • Specialty layering pads
  • Stretch wraps and kit tape
  • Container and overall shipment labels

5. Foam Dunnage

foam dunnage

Polyethylene foam dunnage is a type of interior padding available for corrugated boxes, trays, and die-cut or traditional cardboard box kits.

The foam material provides one of the most secure, stationary holds for beverage products, among many others. Poly foam’s flexibility means it’s able to mold around individual bottles or containers, compared to many other forms of traditional interior protection. The result is a completely cushioned product with 360-degree insulation.

With foam dunnage, products can travel across local and long distances, and you can feel secure in knowing your shipments will arrive in premium condition, precisely as you manufactured them, building brand trust and repeat sales.

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A Custom Beverage and Food Packaging Company With Your Needs Top of Mind

Food and beverage packaging is one of the most important investments your brand can make. Partner with a provider that sees their success as yours — and values your products’ quality and security as much as you.

Get in touch with one of our representatives to receive a quote and discuss your product’s ideal packaging designs. A-Z Packaging can’t wait to bring the best materials, components, and styles to your food or beverage brand.