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When you’re choosing how to send your items around the world, efficiency will likely sit near the top of the priority list.

Your focus will always be on ways to improve your products, but one question you should ask is, “How can we improve the packaging that stores them?”

Packaging can drastically affect how your shipping process performs, as each choice can yield a variety of results that could positively or negatively impact how your company runs. When reflecting on such difficult decisions, A-Z Packaging can alleviate your stress and determine the best solutions.

As a premier custom packaging distributor and manufacturer in Michigan, the Midwest and beyond, we will put our capabilities to the test.

What Industries Can We Help With Custom Packaging and Design?

Ultimately, our business primarily comes from a few industries that consider excellent packaging to be a high priority. In addition to food, beverages, and other groceries, we can also assist automotive and manufacturing fields. Those industries only scratch the surface of what we can do.

From cereal boxes to spark plugs, these businesses all require containers and storage units that maximize safety and security while saving you money on your shipping costs and related fees. They also help reduce your shipping weight through efficient consolidation of materials. Custom product packaging suppliers can also help you cut down on your carbon footprint.

Designing the Ideal Packaging for Your Nationwide or Michigan Company

Our facility contains cutting-edge materials and tools, which make most projects a breeze.

Additionally, our savvy staff, which includes workers who have more than 30 years of experience, will work on your project throughout the order. They know what to look for, how to operate modern predictive software and technology, and how to optimize dimensions for proper storage.

By reading carefully into your specifications, industry requirements, goals, needs and limitations, we can produce outside-the-box solutions that make you want to place your products in our boxes. Our multi-material approach walks the tight line between maximum protection and minimal added fees.

We utilize a variety of substrates to forge comprehensive designs since you can simultaneously benefit from bubble wrap, wood, linens and much more.

Customer service holds a persistent role within our business structure as well. We will collaborate with you from start to finish when creating your custom packaging solutions. Our industry experts and engineers have the latest knowledge when dealing with software and planning programs, and we harness superior engineering quality to see designs through until completion.

We even offer prototypes before putting in a mass order, allowing you to test the vessel itself and guarantee its functionality.

A-Z Packaging Will Create All Your Custom Packaging Solutions

We might be from a smaller area in Michigan, and we might not be flashy like big-city competition, but we focus on honest and courteous services above all. With more than 40 years in business, we’ve gained an appreciation for the nuances of packaging, and our lust for better designs has driven our popularity as a custom product packaging manufacturer. Whether it’s down the road in Michigan or throughout the nation, you’ll get the solutions you expect at prices you’ll love.

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