Michigan Packaging Solutions

What sets your products apart? While you may hope it’s their unrivaled quality and usefulness, people who don’t have firsthand experience with your goods can’t truly appreciate those traits and use them to differentiate your products from competing options. Instead, consumers who are unfamiliar with your goods will rely on the impression your products make when they see them.

What will make an impression on people when they see the items you sell online or in-person? Your packaging, of course. Your product packaging doesn’t “just” make a lasting first impression on consumers. It also makes your products instantly recognizable to people who’ve purchased your goods in the past.

Custom Packaging Michigan; Detroit, Ann Arbor, & East Lansing

In addition to making an impression and ensuring your products are recognizable, your packaging has to do a few other critical things. It must protect your goods from damage, for example. If you manufacture food, your packaging must keep your products fresh for days, weeks, or even months after the package is first opened. Your packaging must relay information about what it contains as well. With an increasing number of consumers expressing concern about the environment, shoppers may expect your packaging to have multiple re-purposes or at least be recyclable.

Just like your products have a certain look, form, and function, so must your packaging. That means just any packaging won’t do. Your packaging is a visible, tangible extension of your brand that may stay in someone’s home or business for months. For these reasons, you need custom packaging solutions for your Michigan-area business that will ensure your products make the right impression the first and every time a person sees your packaging.

We know because we’ve heard the same. “You can’t get custom boxes in Detroit,” someone told us. “It’s impossible to order custom packaging in Ann Arbor,” someone said. “Custom boxes in East Lansing, MI? Forget about it,” a person with an accent reminiscent of a “Sopranos” character remarked.

Despite what the nay-sayers will tell you, we can assure you it’s not only possible to get custom packaging solutions throughout Michigan, but we make the whole process a breeze. A-Z Packaging has been exceeding our customers’ expectations for years by creating, producing, and delivering custom packaging for East Lansing and other area businesses across industries.

We’re proud to offer custom box design services to Michigan-based businesses. You’re always trying to introduce new products, and we always strive to come up with ways to provide new, innovative product packaging solutions specifically tailored to suit the individual needs of our valued clients. Our journey along the path of innovation is never-ending, which is why you can count on us for advanced packaging solutions and custom boxes for your Michigan-area business. We have all your custom packaging needs covered, from A to Z.

Detroit, Ann Arbor, & East Lansing In-house Custom Packaging and Assembly

When you choose A-Z Packaging to design and create custom packaging for your Detroit-area business, you’ll quickly realize we’re here to build relationships, not orders. Working as a team dedicated to your success, we’ll satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations with our multi-material packaging and in-house custom kitting.

Whether you need custom boxes in Ann Arbor, custom packaging in East Lansing, or a rush order in Detroit, we’re with you every step of the way. From making a prototype to producing packaging at a large scale and everything in between, we do it all for businesses all over Michigan and throughout the United States. When it comes to meeting your unique packaging requirements, A-Z Packaging knows no boundaries. That’s how we’ve become the low-cost, multi-material packaging company of choice for so many Michigan-based businesses.

Industries We Serve

Founded in 1985, A-Z Packaging has the experience and resources to design, produce and deliver custom packaging to organizations in East Lansing, Detroit, Ann Arbor, and countless other locations in The Wolverine State. By offering dedicated customer service around-the-clock, high-quality packaging solutions at competitive prices, and next-day delivery on warehoused products, A-Z Packaging has evolved into the go-to supplier for custom boxes and packaging in an array of high-profile industries.

Here are some of the industries we’re proud to serve day in and day out:

Given the types of industries we serve, we’re able to produce small custom boxes for Ann Arbor businesses, mid-size custom packaging for companies in East Lansing, and oversized packaging solutions for Detroit-based automakers. No matter where you’re located in Michigan or the kind of packaging you need, we’ll deliver for you every time.

Warehousing, Custom Packaging Michigan; Detroit, Ann Arbor, & East Lansing

Whether you’re at the helm of an established brand or you’re the founder of a start-up, the odds are good that floor space is a valuable commodity at your location. You need room to store inventory and equipment and space for your employees to work.

We know how valuable floor space can be, particularly during peak selling seasons. A-Z Packaging can help you free up some floor space by creating a customized delivery schedule for you.

High-quality packaging products at affordable prices, dedicated 24/7 customer service, and a custom delivery schedule that frees up floor space—can things get any better? Since you asked, we’ll answer—they can! We’ll give you four percent off your current packaging costs. Then, we’ll donate one percent of those costs to the charity of your choice. See, we told you things could get even better.

Next Day Delivery for Your Michigan Custom Boxes

Imagine someone forgot to order the custom boxes your East Lansing, MI company needs to package your goods on the eve of the busiest season of the year, naturally. Luckily, you don’t have to put anyone’s head on the figurative chopping block. When you have a warehousing agreement with A-Z Packaging for custom packaging for your Michigan business, we’ll provide next-day delivery — guaranteed.

Don’t Settle for Anything but the Best

From the way, it looks to the way it feels, functions, and more, your packaging needs to represent your goods and brand in the most favorable light possible. To do that, you need the best custom packaging solutions for your Michigan business. And that’s exactly what you’ll get from A-Z Packaging — the best custom boxes and packaging solutions available made to your exact specifications.

To learn more about our innovative packaging solutions and how we can put our decades of experience to work for you, contact us online or give us a call at (586) 800-2045 today.